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  Main publications and conferences

for my full CV and list of publications, see http://frankseifart.info/


Chapters in books

Seifart, F., 2018, "The semantic reduction of the noun universe and the diachrony of nominal classification", in The Diachrony of Classification Systems, McGregor, W. & Wichmann, S. (eds), Amsterdam, John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp. 9-32


Seifart, F., 2018, "Existenzfragen. Bedrohte Sprachen dokumentieren", in Abecedarium der Sprache, Fröhlich, C., Grötschel, M. & Klein, W. (eds), Berlin, Kadmos Kulturverlag, pp. Kadmos Kulturverlag


Seifart, F. & Hammarström, H., 2017, "Language Isolates of South America", in Language Isolates, Campbell, L. (ed), Oxon, New York, Routledge, pp. 260–287


Seifart, F., 2015, "Valency classes in Bora", in Valency Classes in the World’s Languages, Volume 2: Case Studies from Austronesia, the Pacific, the Americas, and Theoretical Outlook, Malchukov, A. & Comrie, B. (eds), Berlin, München, Boston, de Gruyter, pp. 1481–1514


Seifart, F., 2015, "Syntactic Sketch: Bora", in Syntax – Theory and Analysis. An International Handbook. Vol. 3, Kiss, T. & Alexiadou, A. (eds), Berlin, de Gruyter Mouton, pp. 1764-1791


Seifart, F., Meyer, J., Grawunder, S. & Dentel, L., 2018, "Reducing language to rhythm: Amazonian Bora drummed language exploits speech rhythm for long-distance communication", Royal Society Open Science, 5:4, pp. 170354 (full paper)


Seifart, F., Strunk, J., Danielsen, S., Hartmann, I., Pakendorf, B., Wichmann, S., Witzlack-Makarevich, A., de Jong, N. & Bickel, B., 2018, "Nouns slow down speech across structurally and culturally diverse languages", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115:22, pp. 5720–5725 (full paper)


Seifart, F., Evans, N., Hammarström, H. & Levinson, S., 2018, "Language documentation 25 years on", Language, 94:4, pp. e324-e345 (full paper)


Seifart, F., 2018, "Bora [Méénujcátsi Píívye – How Warfare Originated. Annotated Bora Narrative]", International Journal of American Linguistics , 84:Supp1, pp. S69–S94


Seifart, F., 2017, "Patterns of affix borrowing in a sample of 100 languages", Journal of Historical Linguistics, 7:3, pp. 389–431

Conferences with proceedings

Strunk, J., Schiel, F. & Seifart, F., 2014, "Untrained Forced Alignment of Transcriptions and Audio for Language Documentation Corpora Using WebMAUS"Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’14), Reykjavik, 2014

Conference presentations

Seifart, F., 2019, "Referenzkorpora aus Dokumentationen bedrohter Sprachen", Qualitätsstandards und Interdisziplinarität in der Kuration audiovisueller (Sprach-)Daten, Digital Humanities: multimedial und multimodal - 6. Jahrestagung des Verbands „Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum“ (DHd), Mainz, 25-26 March


Seifart, F., 2019, "Sprechpausen und die Entstehung von Präfixen an Nomen und Verben", Vielfaltslinguistik III, University of Cologne, 28-29 March


Seifart, F., 2018, "(Anti-)Causative marking and verb frequencies in corpora from seven languages", CNRS-DDL, Atelier Morphosyntaxe «Description, Typologie, Terrain», Lyon, 27 April


Seifart, F., Strunk, J. & Bickel, B., 2018, "Speech pauses and the development of prefixes on verbs and nouns", HELAN2 colloquium, DDL-CNRS, Lyon, 27 September


Seifart, F., 2018, "Reducing language to rhythm: Bora drum communication", DDL Séminaire du laboratoire, Lyon, 29 November


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