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Matthias URBAN




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  Principale pubblicazione e comunicazione



LANGUAGE REDUX: Language geography and the dynamics of linguistic and population prehistory, ERC Consolidator Grant




2022:           Lexical Typology, University of Pavia (24 hrs, MA level)


2012/2013:  Historische Rekonstruktion (Historical reconstruction), Marburg University (28 hrs, MA                      level; co-taught with M. Cysouw)


2012/2013: Einführung in die Sprachtypologie (Introduction to linguistic typology), Marburg                     University (28 hrs, BA level)




URBAN, M., 2023, "Linguistic stratigraphy: recovering traces of lost languages in the Central Andes", Cham, Springer, Springer Briefs in Linguistics (Link)  (Cover)


URBAN, M., 2019, "Lost languages of the Peruvian North Coast", Berlin, Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut/Gebr. Mann, Estudios Indiana (Link)  (Cover)


URBAN, M., 2018, "Sprachlandschaften: Über die Rolle von Sprache in der Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Umwelt", Würzburg, Königshausen & Neumann (Link)  (Cover)


URBAN, M., 2008, "Deskriptivität als Subtyp lexikalischer Motivation – Eine quantitative Studie in Synchronie und Diachronie. ", Cologne, Institut für Linguistik, Universität zu Köln., Working Paper Nr. 54 (New Series).

Tesi di dottorato

URBAN, M., 2012, "Analyzability and semantic associations in referring expressions: a study in comparative lexicology", Dissertation, Leiden University Center for Linguistics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology / Leiden University (Link)

Edizione scientifica

URBAN, M. (ed), 2024, "The Oxford Guide to the Languages of the Central Andes", Oxford, Oxford University Press (Link)  (Cover)

Capitoli in libri

URBAN, M., 2014, "Semantic change and semantic reconstruction", in The Routledge Handbook of Historical Linguistics, BOWERN, C. & EVANS, B. (eds), Abingdon/New York, Routledge, pp. 374-392

Articoli di riviste

URBAN, M., 2023, "Foggy connections, cloudy frontiers: On the (non-)adaptation of lexical structures. ", Frontiers in Psychology, 14, pp. 1115832


URBAN, M., 2023, "Agouti historiography: the problem of widespread lexical forms and deep linguistic history. ", Faits de Langues , 53:1, pp. 83-109


URBAN, M., AGUILAR PANCHI, E., LEE, S. & BRODETSKY, E., 2022, "CINWA (Database of Terminology for Cultivated Plants in Indigenous Languages of Northwestern South America): introducing a resource for research in ethnobiology, anthropology, historical linguistics, and interdisciplinary research on the Neolithic transition in South America.", Language Resources and Evaluation., 57, pp. 1787-1817


URBAN, M., 2021, "Mochica pronouns: their internal reconstruction and their significance for worldwide patterns of paradigmatic resemblances in pronominal shapes. ", International Journal of American Linguistics, 87:2, pp. 279-296


URBAN, M., 2021, "The foreign contribution to the lexicon of Northern Peruvian Quechua varieties: an exploratory study. ", Language Dynamics and Change, 11:1, pp. 77–129

Banca dati sul internet

AGUILAR PANCHI, E., LEE, S., BRODETSKY, E. & URBAN, M., 2023, "Database of Cultivated plants and their names in the indigenous languages of South America. Version 0.9. ", Url

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