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Post-Doctoral Fellow



Page perso. : www.marinevuillermet.com

Teams :     DiLiS  LED-TDR 

  Training and professional background
  Research interests
  Scientific activities
  Awards and research grants
  Supervised theses and dissertation
  Other international activities
  Main publications and conferences



2016-2019: ASLAN postdoctoral fellowship, CNRS laboratory Dynamique Du Langage, Lyon
Typology and atlas of the grammatical morphemes of fear.


2014-2016: Radboud Excellence Initiative postdoctoral fellowship, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
A Typology of Serial Verb Constructions in the Amazon.


2013 : FYSSEN postdoctoral grant, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Experimental study on 'associated motion' in Ese Ejja, an Amazonian language of Peru and Bolivia.


2006-2012: PhD Program in Linguistics (Sciences du Langage), Laboratory "Dynamique du Langage", CNRS/Université Lyon 2, France.
Supervisors: Pr. C. Grinevald (DDL-CNRS/Lyon2), Dr. A. Guillaume (DDL-CNRS/Lyon2).
Thesis : A grammar of Ese Ejja, a Takanan language of the Bolivian Amazon.
Defended on September 14, 2012.


2009: Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Summer Institute at the University of California in Berkeley, USA, (July 4th - August 13th).


2008: "Spring School on Linguistic Diversity" at the Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Germany, March 26th - April4th.


2008: Linguistics Department at the University of California in Santa Barbara, USA: Morphology and Syntax with Pr. M. Mithun (April – June).


2004-2006: Master (MA equivalent) Sciences du Langage, Université Lumière Lyon 2, with Honors.

  • 2nd year thesis (2006): L'ese ejja de Bolivie (langue tacana). Esquisse phonétique et phonologique.
    C. Grinevald. Jury: D. Creissels, G. Philippson.
  • 1st year thesis (2005): L'ese ejja de Bolivie (langue tacana). Profil Sociolinguistique d'une langue amazonienne. Supervisor : C. Grinevald. Jury: C. Grinevald, D. Creissels.


    2005: Licence (B.A. equivalent) "French Cued speech assistant".


    2004: Maîtrise (1 year M.A. program equivalent) "Langue, Littérature et Civilisation" (LLCE) in German – with Honors, Université Lyon 3, France.
    2003: Licence (B.A. equivalent) LLCE in German – with Honors, Université Lyon 3, France.


    2001: Licence (B.A. equivalent) "Langues Etrangères Appliquées" (LEA: Languages applied to Business) in German and English – with Honors, Kingston University, UK.




    Amazonian languages, specialist of Ese Ejja (Takanan; Bolivia & Peru)



  • phonology: accentual system
  • morphology: serial verb constructions, incorporation, associated motion, (associated) posture, apprehensional morphology
  • syntax: (tripartite) co-referential systems


    Semantic typology

  • fear
  • spatial co-expression: associated motion, posture and location
  • comparison/similarity

    Methodology and fieldwork

  • elaboration & use of visual stimuli: DVD Trajectoire, A hunting story
  • participative workshops
  • pedagogical material

    Documentation & archive: Ese Ejja corpus




    Organization of conferences, workshops and seminars

  • 2018: LLF / TUL, Paris (dec. 5)
    Co-organizer of a workshop (Fédération de Typologie et Universaux Linguistiques) with P.Caudal (LLF-CNRS) : Events & Space : Associated motion and posture ESAMP 2

  • 2018: INALCO, Paris (sept. 4)
    Main organizer of an adjacent workshohp at the international conference Syntax of the World’s Languages VIII, avec E. Schultze-Berndt (U. Manchester) : Lest we miss them

  • 2017: DDL-CNRS, Lyon
    Organizer of a monthly seminar Atelier de Typologie Sémantique : Stimuli expérimentaux pour les appréhensifs
    Organizer of a bi-monthly seminar Atelier Morphosyntaxe : Commandes et Impératifs, with N. Dobrushina

  • 2016: UNAM México, Mexico (20 août)
    Main organizer of an adjacent workshohp at the international conference Syntax of the World’s Languages VII : The co-expression of motion and non-motion events

  • 2015-2016: Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    Co-organizer of the bi-monthly seminar Categories, Diversity and Language Contact
    Organizer of two workshops: Counterfactuality (01/07/2015), Newly identified paths of grammaticalization in Meso- and South American languages (29/09/2015)

  • 2013: UC Berkeley, USA
    Organizer of the reading group Directionals & Associated Motion


    Research programms of the Fédération Typologie et Universaux Linguistiques

  • 2018 : co-organizer, with P. CAUDAL (LLF-CNRS), ofEvents & Space - Associated motion and posture

  • 2018 : active member of Catégorisation
    Org. N. Quint (LLACAN) & S. Voisin (DDL-CNRS/Aix-Marseille)

  • 2014-2018 : active member of Questionnaires
    Org. A. Lahaussois (HTL-CNRS)

  • 2014-2018 : active member of Comparaisons d'égalité et de similitude
    Org. C. Chamoreau (SEDYL-CNRS), Y. Treis (LLACAN-CNRS)

  • 2004-2013 : active member of Trajectoire
  • Org. J.M. Fortis (CNRS/Paris VII), C. Grinevald (DDL-CNRS/Lyon 2), A. Kopecka (previously MPI/Nijmeguen, currently at DDL-CNRS/Lyon 2), A. Vittrant (LACITO-CNRS/Aix-Marseille)

  • 2010-2013 : active member of Corpus oraux et typologie de l’articulation syntaxe / prosodie
    Org. M. Vanhove (LLACAN-CNRS)


    Anonymous reviewer for

  • International journals: Anthropological LinguisticsForma y función
  • Editors: Mouton de Gruyter (chapters in edited volumes)
  • Conference (abstracts): Amazónicas, LSA
  • Funding institutions: SOAS-HRELP



    2005-2017 : 8 field trips to the Bolivian lowlands at the Ese Ejja (a total of 14 months in the Ese Ejja communities)




    May 2014-2016: Radboud Excellence Initiative Fellowship for postdoctoral studies, at Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


    March 2014: Complete preparation of Ese’eja data for archival deposit, financed by the Consortium Corpus Oraux et Multimodaux (IRCOM).


    Dec. 2012 - Nov. 2013: Postdoctoral Fellowship of the FYSSEN Foundation, at the University of California, Berkeley.


    2006-2009: Doctoral Fellowship from the Ministry of National Education and Research (France).


    2008: Endangered Language Funds (ELF) for a two-month-fieldtrip. Coordination of workshops with Ese Ejja speakers (old and young) on one peculiar myth; discussion of their alphabet(s), documentation, (re)writing and illustration of the said myth (August – October).


    2008: Grant for fielwork from the ANR (National Agency for Research) project "Afrique Amérique Latine Langues en Danger" (AALLED) for a sociolinguistic profile of Ese Ejja (August – October).


    2008: "Aires Culturelles" grant from the Ministry of National Education and Research (France) for a stay at the University of California in Santa Barbara, USA : April – June.


    2007: Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Program (HRELP) of SOAS (University of London) to finance a seven-month-fieldtrip in Bolivia.




    2017 (June 5-9): Linguistic classes for the Instituto de Lengua y Cultura Ese Ejja, Portachuelo Bajo, Bolivia.


    2016: Invited speaker at Université de Grenoble
    Licence (BA equivalent) Sciences Du Langage : Linguistic fieldwork


    2015-2016: Organizer & supervisor of the course based on the « CLS colloquium », in the linguistic Master programm Master , Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


    2015: Invited speaker at Heinrich Heine Universität, Düsseldorf, Germany
    Advanced seminar on morphology: The grammar of fear crosslinguistically


    2014-2015: Invited speaker at the Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

  • Language typology and description (BA equivalent, oct. 2014) : Serial verb constructions
  • Areal linguistics : Methodology & concepts (Master, oct. 2015) : Serial verbs in Amazonia

    2009-2010: Teaching assistant (ATER), Linguistic Departement, Université Lumière Lyon 2 & Centre International d'Etudes du Français (CIEF)


    2006-2010: Teaching assistant at the Université Lyon 2 (France), "Sciences du Langage" Department, for 3rd and 1st year students and at the Centre International d'Etudes du Français (CIEF)
    Course taught: French Linguistics (phonology, morphology and syntax) and General Linguistics (phonology)


    2003-2006: Cued Speech assistant (Primary school, Université Catholique, Université Lyon 1, 2, 3) in French, English, Spanish, German.




    Doctoral thesis

  • 2016-2017: Helder Perri Ferreira, Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    Co-supervision with P. Muysken (Radboud Universiteit) & M. Crevels (Leiden Universiteit)
    Yanomama Clause Structure, defended on Nov. 28, 2017.



  • 2018: Alexey Vinyar, National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow, Russia
    Head-Modifier relations in Verb-Verb compounds: a preliminary typology, defended on June 4, 2018.




    2013 (July 10-16): Linguistic assessor for the workshop on the revision of the Ese’eja writing system and on a writing manual, organized by the Peruvian Ministry of Education in Puerto Maldonado, Peru.


    2009: Invited reseacher at the Manchester University, UK, in the COST programm(A31, verb classification), April 19-25. Host: Pr. Eva Schultze-Berndt.



    PhDs and master thesis

    Vuillermet, M., 2012, "A Grammar of Ese Ejja, a Takanan language of the Bolivian Amazon", PhD. Dissertation, Département des Sciences Du Langage, Université Lumière Lyon 2, 736, 736 p. (link)


    Vuillermet, M. & Kopecka, A., 2019, "Trajectoire: a methodological tool for eliciting Path of motion", Methodological tools for linguistic description and typology, Special issue of Language, Documentation and Conservation, 16, pp. 97-124


    Vuillermet, M., 2018, "Grammatical ‘fear’ morphemes in Ese Ejja: Making the case for a morpho-semantic apprehensional domain", In Maïa Ponsonnet & Marine Vuillermet (eds.), Morphology and emotions across the world’s languages, Special issue of Studies in Language:42(1), pp. 256-293 (link)


    Ponsonnet, M. & Vuillermet, M., 2018, "Morphology and emotions: A preliminary typology.", Maïa Ponsonnet & Marine Vuillermet (eds.), Morphology and emotions across the world’s languages, Special issue of Studies in Language:42(1), pp. 1-16 (link)

    Conferences with proceedings

    Vuillermet, M., 2013, "Dónde, cuándo, y con quién ocurren acciones: El movimento asociado en ese ejja", proc. of AMAZÓNICAS III, Expresión de nociones espaciales en lenguas amazónicas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia., Bogota. , 19-24 Avril, Ospina, A. (ed)


    Vuillermet, M., 2009, "Los verbos de postura Ese Ejja no se quedan inmóviles. Y a veces se desvían.", proc. of Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America-IV (CILLA IV), Austin, TX, USA, October 29-31th (articulo.pdf)

    Conference presentations

    Vuillermet, M., 2018, "Precautioning markers: towards a comparative concept", Workshop on precautioning clauses: lest we miss them, Syntax of the World’s Language VIII, INALCO, France, September 4


    Vuillermet, M., 2018, "Apprehensives & grammatical persons across languages", The semantics and pragmatics of apprehensive markers in a crosslinguistic perspective, 51st Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, University of Tallinn, Estonia, August 31


    Vuillermet, M., 2008, "Bemashapona: Librito para reflejar y llegar a un consenso sobre el alfabeto", Riberalta, Bolivie, pp. 27


    Vuillermet, M., 2008, "Bemashapona, Mujer-Perezosa: Librito bilingüe para hacer ilustraciones", Riberalta, Bolivie, pp. 23p

    Audiovisual equipment

    Vuillermet, M. & Desnoyers, A., 2013, "Yendo a cazar… a hunting story: A visual stimulus for eliciting constructions that associate motion with other events.", Linguistics Department, University of California, Berkeley (en accès ici)


    Ishibashi, M., Kopecka, A. & Vuillermet, M., 2006, "Trajectoire : matériel visuel pour élicitation des données linguistiques", Fédération de Recherche en Typologie et Universaux Linguistiques (en accès ici)

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