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Lyon Summer School 2008 - Practical Information

Public Tranpsort Information - How to get to and from the Summer School

During the 3L Summer School, your “hub” between the Airport, the Part-Dieu Train Station (the main train station in Lyon for long distance trains), the André Alix Residence and the ISH/Summer School will be the Perrache Train Station. Here you will find a list of the different itineraries you will need to follow to move between the places using public transport.
General Information

Tickets for the Tram, Metro, Bus and Cristalis (a type of fast electric bus) can be bought at ticket machines found at all Tram and Metro stations/stops. Please note that these machines only take (Euro) coins and French Credit/Debit cards. Individual tickets can also be bought directly from bus drivers (cash only).

A single ticket can be used to transfer between 2 modes of transport (bus-tramway or tramway-metro for example) but MUST be validated each time you board the bus or tram or enter a metro station from outside.

An individual ticket costs 1.60 €
A block of 10 tickets costs 12.80 €
St Exupéry Airport <> Perrache Train Station
  • Inside the airport, follow the signs to the SATOBUS shuttle bus (the bus has “Gares <-> Aéroport” written on its side). See map:
  • Take the shuttle bus to the last stop (Perrache).
Travel time: it takes about 50 minutes to reach Perrache from the airport, and vice versa.
  • Tickets are sold at the SATOBUS counter inside the airport. If the counter is closed, you can buy your ticket directly from the driver.
One-way adult ticket: 8.60 €
Return adult ticket: 15.20 €
One-way ticket under the age of 24: 6.50 €
Return ticket under the age of 24: 13 €
Part-Dieu Train Station <> Perrache Train Station
  • Head to the main exit of the train station (towards the metro, look for the signs)
  • Continue across the large courtyard past the metro entrance to the major avenue in front of the train station where the T1 “Part-Dieu” tram stop is located (a short walk from the train station)
  • Take the Tram in the direction of “Montrocher” or “Perrache”
  • Get off at “Perrache”
Travel time: Approximately 25 minutes


Perrache Train Station <> André Alix Residence (and back!)
Itinerary :
  • From Perrache, take bus #46 in the direction of “Boyer” (look for the signs indicating where local buses leave from)
  • Get off at “St Irénée” stop (the 5th stop) The Residence is across the street.
  • To go back to Perrache from the Residence, take the bus #46 again at the “St Irénée” stop (this time in the direction of “Perrache”). Get off at Perrache
Perrache Train Station <> ISH/Summer School
  • From Perrache, follow the signs to the tram and take the T2 tram in the direction of  “St Priest Bel-Air”
  • Get off at the first stop (after the tram crosses the bridge), “Centre Berthelot”
  • Facing the direction the tram you just got off is going, look to your right to see a big gate with “Centre de l'Histoire de la Résistance et de la Déportation” written above it
  • Go through the gate and enter the courtyard with the big French flag flying in the middle
  • The ISH is the building on your right.

Alternatively you can walk to the ISH from Perrache – it isn’t far! When you leave the station, head towards the east until you come to the big river, the “Rhône”. Cross the “Galieni” bridge and continue straight down Avenue Berthelot for a few minutes. You will soon see the ISH building on your right (look for the “Centre de l'Histoire de la Résistance et de la Déportation” sign above it).

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