ELA2005 - Proceedings style sheet

As mentioned at the end of the conference, we have two options concerning the publication of the papers/posters presented at ELA2005. The fist one would be to propose a special issue in a journal, the second to edit a book. The choice will depend on the number and topics of the submitted papers. In both cases, the papers will be limited to 10 to 15 pages and they will be reviewed by the scientific committee of ELA2005.

STEP 1: Intentions of participation
In order to organize this publication, we need to know how many participants intend to submit a paper.
Please express your intention to submit a paper before February the 15th to the following addresses: Sophie.Kern@univ-lyon2.fr and Frederique.Gayraud@univ-lyon2.fr. Indicate the name of authors and a preliminary title.

STEP 2: Paper submission

Deadline for receipt of manuscripts
The deadline for written version of communication/poster submissions is April 30st, 2006.
The submission should be made by e-mail (RTF file format only) to Sophie.Kern@univ-lyon2.fr and Frederique.Gayraud@univ-lyon2.fr

Language: English

The font should be Times or Times New Roman 12-point throughout for text, endnotes, references, examples, diagrams, etc. The title should be 14-point. If you absolutely cannot use Times or Times New Roman, you should use something of an equivalent size.

Margins must be exactly as follow: left, right and bottom, top margins 3 cm. No material may go beyond these margins under any circumstances.

Title and author
The first line of your paper should be the title. For the title capitalize the first word. After the title, skip a line, put your name, and then put the name of your institution and affiliation on the following line, finally put your e-mail address on the last line. These lines should be centered and bold. Skip two lines before the start of your text.

Line spacing, indents, and justification
Text should be single-spaced. Do not skip a space between paragraphs. Each paragraph should be indented 1 cm. Words from examples referred to in the text should be in italics (this applies to such words in the title as well). Skip a line between text and examples. Examples should not be indented. Text, endnotes and references should be fully justified. Section headings should be left-justified. Section numbers and headings should be bold, not underlined. Skip one line between text and section headings.

Endnotes should be at end of the paper, before the references section. Skip two lines after the end of your text, then type Endnotes (in bold, not centered), skip one line, and start the endnotes. Endnotes should be single-spaced, and should not be indented. Type the number of the endnote, a period, and start the text of the endnote. Do not skip lines between endnotes.

After your endnotes, skip two lines and the type References (in bold, not centered). Then skip one line, and start the references. References should be single-spaced. Do not skip between references. References and in-text citations should be in APA format.

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