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Linguistic Contribution to the History of Sub-Saharan Africa

Responsable du Projet : Jean-Marie Hombert

Type de financement : ANR

2008 / 2012

This project contributed to the understanding of the history of Sub-Saharian languages.


Evolution Of Languages - Diachronic Data & Models

Responsable du Projet : Mahé Ben Ahmed

Type de financement : ANR JC

2007 / 2010

DiaDM is a web-based collaborative platform that aims to compile hypotheses about the processes of linguistic diversification and protolanguages from which today's languages are derived.


Language Documentation Reference Corpus

Responsable du Projet : Frank Seifart & François Pellegrino

Type de financement : ANR

2019 / 2022

100 hours of audio-recorded text across 51 languages, 38 languages of which have time-aligned at the phone level, with translations morphological annotations.


Optimizing phonological learning in L2: a new role for the motor system

Responsable du Projet : Véronique Boulenger et Alice C. Roy

Type de financement : APPI LYON 2

2017 / 2018

In this project, we examine, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), the involvement of sensorimotor cortical regions during the perception of non-native phonemes in healthy adults.


MOBILO: Modelling of bilingual trajectories: new statistical approaches to linguistics applied to bilingual development

Responsable du Projet : Anna Ghimenton

Type de financement : APPI LYON 2

2020 /



Responsable du Projet : Véronique Boulenger

Type de financement : ANR JC

2012 / 2014

This project aimed at identifying, using magnetoencephalography (MEG), the dynamics of brain rhythms underlying speech naturally produced at a normal or fast rate.



Responsable du Projet : Sophie Kern

Type de financement : ANR

2012 / 2015

Prems considers simultaneously the influence of articulatory constraints and input characteristics on lexical order of acquisition in toddlers acquiring different languages.


Description, Typology and Documentation of Languages of Senegal

Responsable du Projet : Sylvie Voisin pour DDL

Type de financement : ANR

2009 / 2014

Collaboration for the documentation and description of languages from Senegal, and the classification of languages in the Atlantic group.


Speech in Noise

Responsable du Projet : Fanny Meunier

Type de financement : ERC Starting Grant

2008 / 2013

The project aimed at studying the cognitive processes underlying comprehension of speech in cocktail party situations, in normal-hearing and dyslexic participants.

The evolved and social functions of human nonverbal vocalisations: a cross-cultural investigation

The evolved and social functions of human nonverbal vocalisations: a cross-cultural investigation

Responsable du Projet : Katarzyna Pisanski

Type de financement : 80 prime CNRS

2022 / 2024



Responsable du Projet : Colette Grinevald, Anetta Kopecka, Alice Vittrant, et Jean-Michel Fortis (HTL)

Type de financement : CNRS

2008 / 2011

Study the linguistic expression of Trajectory based on a typology of the strategies found in a sample of languages across the world.

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