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My thesis project in linguistics aims to determine the place of gestures in the language development of typically developing children. In particular, this project will seek to measure the impact of Baby Sign on adult-child communication and on the language development of children attending daycare. Baby Sign is described as the use of signs from local sign language by adults for hearing children who do not yet speak.



2021 - 2024: PhD in Language Sciences

  • Thesis: Evaluation of the effect of Baby Sign on adult-child communication and language development in day care centres
  • Direction: Sophie Kern (DDL, Lyon) et Stéphanie Gobet (FoReLLIS, Poitiers)
  • Lumière Lyon 2 University - Dynamique Du Language Laboratory - Doctoral School 3LA


2021: Master's degree in Language Sciences at the Grenoble Alpes University (UGA)

  • Linguistics course, research option


2020-2021: Master 2 at UGA

  • Master thesis : Acoustic characterisation of the uvular fricative in typical French-speaking children
  • Master 2 internship as part of my research project and in connection with the ANR project: EULALIES (4 months)
  • GIPSA-Lab, Perception, Control, Multimodality and Speech Dynamics (PCMD) team


July 2020: Vacation on the annotation of oral corpora in the EULALIES project
GIPSA-Lab, PCMD team


2019-2020: Master 1 at UGA

  • Master thesis: Phonetic realisation of /ʁ/ in French-speaking children
  • Master 1 internship on recording speech production and perception tests with nursery school children
  • GIPSA-Lab, PCMD team


2019: Bachelor's degree in Language Sciences at UGA


Summer 2019: continuation of the internship started in summer 2018

  • GIPSA-Lab, Linguistic Systems, Dialectology and Orality (SYLDO) team


2018-2019: Licence 3 at UGA

  • Representative of the Licence 3 at the improvement council of the Langage Sciences degree (UGA)


2017-2018: Licence 2 at UGA

  • Start of French Sign Language (LSF) courses offered by the Language Service at UGA
  • Degree internship on the transcription, from Duraffour, of the Gilliéron-Rousselot alphabet to API, syllabification and insertion of words on the ULSID database (summer 2018)
  • GIPSA-Lab, SYLDO team


Janv. 2017 - Mai 2017: Licence 1 at UGA


Sept. 2015 – Jan. 2017: PACES (First common year for health studies) at UGA


2015: Scientific baccalaureate




2018 - 2019 : Représentante de la Licence 3 au conseil de perfectionnement de la licence Sciences du Langage



PhDs and master thesis

Métral, L., 2021, "Caractérisation acoustique de la rhotique uvulaire chez les enfants francophones typiques", Mémoire, UGA UFR LLASIC, Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA)  (https://dumas.ccsd.cnrs.fr/dumas-03290795v1)

Conference presentations

Marsico, E., Metral, L., Barbier, L. & Krzonowski, J., 2023, "D'une langue à l'autre", Festival Pop'Sciences, Villeurbanne, 12-14 mai 2023

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