Dernière mise à jour : 01/06/2022

Natalja ULRICH

  • Doctorante



  • Axes :
  • Diversité Linguistique et ses Sources


  • 09.2019 – present PhD at the University Lumiere 2 in Lyon, Dynamique Du Langage
  • 02.2015 – 09.2017 Master at the University of Zürich Ethnology, General Linguistic, Graduation: Master of Arts UZH in Social Science Title Master thesis: Social and linguistic diversity: A ethnologic fieldwork research among ethnical Kirgiz in Karakol- Kirgizstan (GER).
  • 02.2009 – 09.2013 Bachelor at the University of Zürich Slavonic studies, Ethnology, History of Arts Graduation: Bachelor of Arts UZH


  • Thèses et mémoires
    • Ulrich, N., 2022, "Linguistic and speaker variation in Russian fricatives", Thèse de doctorat, Sciences du langage, Université Lumière Lyon 2, Lyon, 94 p.

  • Articles de revues
    • Ulrich, N., Pellegrino, F. & Tang, M., 2023, "Intra- and inter-speaker variation in eight Russian fricatives", The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 153:4, pp. 2285-2297

    • Ulrich, N., Tang, M., Pellegrino, F. & Dediu, D., 2021, "Identifying the Russian voiceless non-palatalized fricatives /f/, /s/, and /ʃ/ from acoustic cues using machine learning", The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 150:3, pp. 1806-1820