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Guillaume, A. & Koch, H. (eds), To appear in 2021, "Associated Motion", Berlin & Boston, De Gruyter Mouton, 918 p., 978-3-11-069200-6 (Editeur)


Guillaume, A., Koch, H., To appear in 2021, "Introduction: Associated Motion as a grammatical category in linguistic typology ", in Associated Motion, Guillaume, A. & Koch, H. (eds), Empirical Approaches to Language Typology [EALT 64], De Gruyter Mouton, pp. 3-30


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Tallman, A., to appear, "Review of "A Grammar of Kakataibo" by Roberto Zariquiey", International Journal of American Linguistics, TBA


Tallman, A., to appear, "Review of "Intonation and Prosodic Structure" by Caroline Féry ", Journal of Linguistics, TBA


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