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Vuillermet, M., 2010, "Watch out you might miss the apprehensive!", Mood and modality in the indigeneous languages of the Americas, Universiteit Leiden, March 25-26th  (handout.pdf)


Imbert, C., 2009b, "What adpositions do that satellites cannot. Semantic and conceptual constraints on Path-coding categories", Space in Language Conference, Pisa, 8-10 October 2009


Meyer, J., 2007, "What does the typology of whistled forms of languages teach us about prosody?", ALT VII - 7th biennial meeting of the Association of Linguistic Typology, Paris, France, 2007


Bertet, D., 2018, "What exactly is the phonological feature [nasality] in Ticuna (isolate, Western Amazonia)?", Phonetics and Phonology Forum (Phorum), UC Berkeley, Berkeley, USA, April 30  (abstract, slides)


Ben Hamed, M., Darlu, P., 2004, "What is congruence?", Language, Culture and Mind Conference: Integrating Perspectives and Methodologies in the study of Language , Portsmouth, UK, 18 - 21 Juillet 2004. (poster)


Paulin, P., Ngongo, S., 2012, "What is the core of fieldwork: research or relationship? A case study of Baka hunter-gatherers in northern Gabon", Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology, Montpellier, France, 20-25 mai


Guillaume, A., 2011, "What’s in a Tacana verb?", Americanist Meeting, University of Leipzig, Allemagne, 24 juin


Rose, F., 2012, "When "you" and "I" mess around with the hierarchy. A comparative study of Tupi-Guarani hierarchical indexation systems", 54th International Congress of Americanists, Symposium on Historical variation and variation by contact among the Tupí languages, Vienne, 16-20 juillet 2012


Boulenger, V., Shtyrov, Y., Pulvermüller, F., 2011, "When do you grasp the idea? MEG evidence for instantaneous idiom understanding", Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 18th Annual Meeting, San Francisco (USA), 2-5 april (poster)


Vuillermet, M., 2010, "When does motion take place in Ese Ejja (Takanan)? A preliminary overview at associated motion suffixes", Workshop : Verbal markers of motion and/or direction in the Amazonian languages of the Guaporé-Mamoré region (and beyond), DDL, ISH, 10 mars 2010  (handout.pdf)


Rose, F., 2015, "When grammatical gender and genderlects interact", Transalpine Typological Meeting, Lyon, 7 October 2015


Bertet, D., 2018, "When only nominals are marked for tense: the case of Ticuna (isolate, Western Amazonia)", BLS44, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, USA, February 9–11  (abstract, slides)


Guérois, R., 2014, "When the trees cut the man: Verb agreement in Cuwabo relative clauses (Bantu, P34)", Syntax of the World's Languages VI, Pavia, Italy, September 8-10, 2014


Philippson, G., 2018, "Where exactly does Bobe (A31) fit in the Bantu genealogy?", 48th Colloquium on African Languages & Linguistics, Leiden (P.-B.), 08/30 to 09/01/18


Vuillermet, M., Grinevald, C., 2018, "Where is Associated Motion in the typology of motion events?", Journée d’étude Événement et Espace: Mouvement Associé et Posture Associée, Fédération de Recherche Typologie et Universaux Linguistiques / LLF, Paris, France, December 5


Ben Hamed, M., 2005, "Which words could tell the history of Chinese dialects?", The Annual New Zealand Phylogenetics Meeting, Whitianga, New Zealand, 12-17 Février 2005.


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Bert, M., Grinevald, C., 2009, "Whose ideologies, where and when? Rama (Nicaragua) and Francoprovencal (France) experiences", ELAP Workshop: Beliefs and Ideology, Londres, 27-28 février


Grinevald, C., Bert, M., 2009, "Whose ideology, where and when? Rama (Nicaragua) and Francoprovençal (France) experiences", ELAP Workshop: Beliefs and Ideology, SOAS, Londres, United Kingdom, February 27-28


Creissels, D., Pasquereau, J., 2011, "Why do Daghestanian Spatial Case Systems leak?", AFLiCo IV, Lyon, France, 24-27 May 2011


Lambert Bretière, R., 2007, "Word-class-changing derivations in Fon", RCLT local workshop on word-class-changing derivations, La Trobe University, Melbourne, 31 octobre 2007


Lambert-Brétière, R., 2007, "Word-class-changing derivations in Fon", RCLT local workshop on word-class-changing derivations, La Trobe University, 31 octobre 2007


Raffaelli, I., Chromý, J., Kopecka, A., 2016, "Word-formation and meaning of colour terms in Croatian, Czech and Polish", 17th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna, Austria, 18-21 February


Gayraud, F., Frouin, C., 2015, "Working memory and syntactic capacity in Alzheimer's patients", EUROPEAN CPLOL CONGRESS, Florence, Italie, 08/05/2015


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Akinci, M.A., Schroeder, C., 2012, "Written Turkish texts of Turkish migrant pupils in France and Germany", Jahrestagung der DGfS; AG 6: Unvollständiger Erstspracherwerb: Heritage Sprecher im In- und Ausland, Frankfurt a. Main, Allemagne , 7-9 mars 2012

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