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Recent Publications

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Morphology and emotions across the world’s languages

Ponsonnet, M. & Vuillermet, M.

Special issue of Studies in Language, 42(1)


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From ergative case-marking to hierarchical agreement: a reconstruction of the argument-marking system of Reyesano (Takanan, Bolivia)

in Typological hierarchies in synchrony and diachrony, Cristofaro, S. & Zúñiga, F. (eds)

Guillaume, A.

John Benjamins Publishing Company



Don't speak too fast! Processing of fast rate speech in children with specific language impairment

Guiraud, H., Bedoin, N., Krifi-Papoz, S. & Herbillon, V., Caillot-Bascoul, A., Gonzalez-Monge, S., Boulenger, V.

Plos One


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Invariance in variation: frequency and neighbourhood density as explanatory factors

Kern, S., dos Santos, C.

Trends in Language Acquisition Research (TiLAR)


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Reducing language to rhythm: Amazonian Bora drummed language exploits speech rhythm for long-distance communication

Seifart, F., Meyer, J., Grawunder, S., Dentel, L.

Royal Society Open Science


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Nouns slow down speech across structurally and culturally diverse languages

Seifart, F., Strunk, J., Danielsen, S., Hartmann, I., Pakendorf, B., Wichmann, S., Witzlack-Makarevich, A., de Jong, N., Bickel, B.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


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La phonétique articulatoire du français

Canault, M.

De Boeck



Estudios sincrónicos y diacrónicos sobre lenguas Pano y Takana: fonología, morfología y sintaxis

Guillaume, A., Valenzuela, P.



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Complexity in Language. Developmental end Evolutionary Perspectives

Mufwene, S., Coupé, C., Pellegrino, F.

Cambridge University Press



Socializing the language choices: When variation in the language environment supports acquisition

in Variation in Language acquisition, De Vogelaer, G., Katerbow, M. (eds)

Ghimenton, A.

John Benjamins



Source-oriented and Goal-oriented events in Old and Modern French

in Space in diachrony, Luraghi, S., Nikitina, T., Zanchi, C. (eds)

Kopecka, A.

John Benjamins.



Les retours sur le texte, traces des processus rédactionnels

Ailhaud, E.

Linguistique de l'écrit



Sistemas complejos de movimiento asociado en las lenguas Takana y Pano: perspectivas descriptiva, tipológica e histórico-comparativa

Guillaume, A.

Amerindia (Numéro thématique: Estudios sincrónicos y diacrónicos sobre lenguas Pano y Takana: fonología, morfología y sintaxis, edited by A. Guillaume & P. M. Valenzuela)



Satellite- vs. Verb-Framing Unpredicts Nonverbal Motion Categorization: Insights From a Large Language Sample and Simulations.

Montero-Melis, G., Eisenbeiss, S., Narasimhan, B., Ibarretxe-Antuñano, I., Kita, S., Kopecka, A., Lüpke, F., Nikitina, T., Tragel, I., Jaeger, F., Bohnemeyer, J.

Cognitive Semantics



Lamunkhin Even evaluative morphology in cross-linguistic comparison

Pakendorf, B.



En savoir plus : full-text view-only version


Prehistoric Bantu-Khoisan language contact: A cross-disciplinary approach

Pakendorf, B., Gunnink, H., Sands, B., Bostoen, K.

Language Dynamics and Change



Dispersals and genetic adaptation of Bantu-speaking populations in Africa and North America

Patin, E., Lopez, M., Grollemund, R., Verdu, P., Harmant, C., Quach, H., Laval, G., Perry, G., Barreiro, L., Froment, A., Heyer, E., Massougbodji, A., Fortes-Lima, C., Migot-Nabias, F., Bellis, G., Dugoujon, J.M., Pereira, J., Fernandes, V., Pereira, L., Van der Veen, L., Mouguiama-Daouda, P., Bustamante, C., Hombert, J.M., Quintana-Murci, L.




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