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Tallman, A., forthcoming, "Associated motion in Chácobo (Pano) in typological perspective", in Associated Motion, Guillaume, A. & Koch, H. (eds), John Benjamins


Tallman, A. & Hansen, C., Girón, J., forthcoming, "Wã́nsöjöt / Puinave", in Handbook of Amazonian Languages: Isolates and Small families, Epps, P., Michael, L. (eds), Berlin, Mouton de Gruyter


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Tallman, A., 2018, "There are no special clitics in Chácobo (Pano)", in Proceedings of the Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas 21, Keough, M., Weber, N., Anghlescu, A., Sihwei, C., Erin, G., Khia, J., Daniel, R., Oksana, T. (eds), University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics 46


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Thomas, J., Bahuchet, S., 1988, "La littérature orale pour l'histoire de l'Afrique Centrale forestière", in La littérature orale en Afrique comme source pour la découverte des cultures traditionnelles (Table Ronde franco-allemande, St Augustin, 18-20 février 1985), 36, Möhlig, W., Jungraithmayr, H., Thiel, J. (eds), Anthropos, Berlin, Dietrich Reimer Verlag, pp. 301-327


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Tolchinsky, L., Jisa, H., 2015, "Literacy development in Romance languages", in The Routledge International Handbook of Early Literacy Education, Kucirkova, N., Snow, C., Grover, V., McBride, C. (eds), Oxon, Taylor & Francis Routledge, pp. 112-125

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