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Tallman, A., Hansen, C. & Girón, J., forthcoming, "Wã́nsöjöt / Puinave", in Handbook of Amazonian Languages: Isolates and Small families, Epps, P. & Michael, L. (eds), Berlin, Mouton de Gruyter


Grinevald, C., Goldwasser, O., 2012, "What Are "Determinatives" Good For?", in Lexical Semantics in Ancient Egyptian & Grossman, E., Polis, S., Winand, J. (eds), Lingua Aegyptia - Studia Monographica 9, Hamburg, Widmaier Verlag, pp. 17-53  (pdf)


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Hickmann, M., Veneziano, E., Jisa, H., 2018, "What can variation tell us about first language acquisition", in Sources of Variation in First Language Acquisition : Languages, Contexts, and Learners, Hickmann, M., Veneziano, E., Jisa, H. (eds), Amsterdam , John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp. 1-23


Costa, J., Bert, M., 2014, "What counts as a linguistic border, for whom, and with what implications? Exploring Occitan and Francoprovençal in Rhône-Alpes, France", in Language, Borders and Identity, Watt, D., Llamas, C. (eds), Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press


Rose, F., 2014, "When vowel deletion blurs reduplication in Mojeño Trinitario", in Reduplication in South-American languages, Goodwin Gómez, G., van der Voort, H. (eds), Leiden, Brill, pp. 375-399  (pdf)


Nazir, T., Fargier, R., Aravena, P., Boulenger, V., 2012, "When words trigger activity in the brain’s sensory and motor systems: It is not Remembrance of Things Past ", in Language and action in cognitive neuroscience , Coello, Y., Bartolo, A. (eds), Psychology Press, pp. 307-318  (cover)


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Grinevald, C., 2005, "Why the Tiger language and not Rama Cay Creole? Language revitalization made harder", in Language Documentation and Description, 3, Austin, P. (eds), Londres, HRELP SOAS, pp. 196-224  (Pdf)


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Creissels, D., 2016, "Word-formation in Akhvakh", in Word-Formation, An International Handbook of the Languages of Europe, volume 5, Müller, P., Ohnheiser, I., Olsen, S., Rainer, F. (eds), De Gruyter Mouton, pp. 3685-3691

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