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Creissels, D., 2013, "Floating genitives and possessive framing in Northern Akhvakh", in The genitive, Carlier, A. & Verstraete, J.C. (eds), Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp. 333-354


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Akinci, M.A., 2009, "Fransa’da Türkçenin Anadili ve Yabancı Dil Olarak Eğitimi. ", in Yabancılara Türkçe ögretimi: Politika, Yöntem ve Beceriler, Yaylı, D., Bayyurt, Y. (eds), Istanbul, Anı yayınları, pp. 204-222.  (pdf)


Kern, S., Davis, B., Zink, I., 2009, "From babbling to first words in four languages: Common trends, cross language and individual differences", in Becoming eloquent: Advances in the Emergence of language, human cognition and modern culture, Hombert, J.M., D'Errico, F. (eds), Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins' Publishing Company., pp. 205-232


Magué, J.P., 2005, "From Changes in the World to Changes in the Language: Multi-agents simulations", in Evolutionary Epistemology, Language and Culture : A non-adaptationist, systems theoretical approach, Gontier, N., van Bendegem, J.P., Aerts, D. (eds), Theory and Decision Library A, Springer


Guillaume, A., 2018, "From ergative case-marking to hierarchical agreement: a reconstruction of the argument-marking system of Reyesano (Takanan, Bolivia)", in Typological hierarchies in synchrony and diachrony, Cristofaro, S., Zúñiga, F. (eds), Typological Studies in Language 121, Amsterdam, John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp. 217-256


Boyer, P., 2012, "From studious irrelevancy to consilient knowledge: Modes of scholarship and cultural anthropology", in Creating Consilience. Evolution, Cognitive Science and the Humanities, Slingerland, E., Collard, M. (eds), New York, Oxford University Press, pp. 113-29


Lewis, D., 2007, "From temporal to contrastive and causal: the emergence of connective after all", in Connectives as discourse landmarks, Celle, A., Huart, R. (eds), Amsterdam, John Benjamins, pp. 89-99


Creissels, D., 2014, "Functive-transformative marking in Akhvakh and other Caucasian languages", in Jazyk. Konstanty. Peremennye. Pamjati Aleksandra Evgen’eviča Kibrika, Plungjan, V., Daniel, M., Ljutikova, E., Tatevosov, S., Fedorova, O. (eds), Saint-Pétersbourg, Aleteja, pp. 430-449

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