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Guillaume, A., To appear, "Takanan languages", in Amazonian Languages. An International Handbook, Epps, P. & Michael, L. (eds), De Gruyter Mouton


SALANOVA, A., TALLMAN, A., To appear, "Narrative Time in Imperfectiveless Languages: Case studies in Three Amazonian Languages", in Proceedings of Semantics of Understudied Languages of the Americas 11, Johnson, K. (eds), ...


TALLMAN, A., to appear, "Descripción y Documentación lingüística", in Introducción a la Lingüística en el contexto Boliviano, Camacho-Rios, G., Gallinate, G. (eds), Language Sciences Press


Voisin, S., to appear, "Verbal extensions of the Atlantic language", in The Oxford guide to the Atlantic Languages of West Africa, Lüpke, F. (eds), Oxford, Oxford University press


Barkat-Defradas, M., Gayraud, F., Benmouffok, F., Le Doledec, L., Midroit, S., sous presse, "Évaluation cognitive des immigrés âgés bilingues arabe-français", in Alzheimer, Immigration et Bilinguisme, Gayraud, F., Barkat-Defradas, M. (eds), CNRS Edition


Lamarre, C. & Vittrant, A., Kopecka, A., Voisin, S., Bon, N., Fagard, B., Grinevald, C., Moyse-Faurie, C., Risler, A., Song, J.K., Tan, A., Voirin, C., in press, "Deictic directionals revisited in the light of advances in typology", in Neglected Aspects of Motion Events Description, Sarda, L., Fagard, B. (eds), Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp. 69-94.


Creissels, D., Bertet, D., in prep., "Predicaciones existenciales", in Morfosintaxis: Una mirada desde las Américas, Vallejos Yopán, R., Rosés Labrada, J. (eds),


Tallman, A., Hansen, C., Girón, J., forthcoming, "Wã́nsöjöt / Puinave", in Handbook of Amazonian Languages: Isolates and Small families, Epps, P., Michael, L. (eds), Berlin, Mouton de Gruyter


Bon, N., accepté, "Expression of spontaneous motion events in Stieng: an exploration of SOURCE-GOAL (a)symmetries ", in Source-Goal asymmetries across languages, Special issue of Studies in Language, Kopecka, A., Vuillermet, M. (eds), John Benjamins Publishing Company


Berger, M., Seifart, F., à paraître, "The Boran languages", in Amazonian Languages. An International Handbook, Epps, P., Michael, L. (eds), Berlin, De Gruyter Mouton


Grollemund, R., Branford, B., Hombert, J.M., Watters, J., à paraître, "Towards a new phylogenetic classification of Bantoid languages", in Towards Proto-Niger-Congo: Comparison and Reconstruction, Watters, J. (eds), Language Science Press


Philippson, G., à paraître, ""Double reflexes" in northwestern Bantu clarified", in On reconstructing Proto-Bantu grammar, Bostoen, K., de Schryver, G.M., Guérois, R., Pacchiarotti, S. (eds), Berlin, Language Science Press


Seifart, F., à paraître, "Contact-induced change", in Language Contact. An International Handbook, Darquennes, J., Salmons, J., Vandenbussche, W. (eds), Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication Science, Berlin/Boston, De Gruyter Mouton

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