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Dediu, D., Janssen, R. & Moisik, S., à paraître, "Weak biases emerging from vocal tract anatomy shape the repeated transmission of vowels", Nature Human Behaviour,


Dediu, D., Janssen, R., Moisik, S., 2019, "Weak biases emerging from vocal tract anatomy shape the repeated transmission of vowels", Nature Human Behaviour, - (doi: 10.1038/s41562-019-0663-x)


de Almeida, L., Ferré, S., Barthez, M.A., dos Santos, C., 2019, "What do monolingual and bilingual children with and without SLI produce when phonology is too complex?", First Language, 39:2, pp. 158 –176 (lien)


Arnulf, I., Uguccioni, G., Gay, F., Baldayrou, E., Golmard, J., Gayraud, F., Devevey, A., 2017, "What does the sleeping brain say? Syntax and semantics of sleep talking in healthy subjects and in parasomnia Patients.", Sleep, 40:11 (Lien)


Rose, F., 2015, "When "you" and "I" mess around with the hierarchy: a comparative study of Tupi-Guarani hierarchical indexation systems", Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi. Ciências humanas , 10:2, pp. 347-369 (journal issue)


Hoen, M., Pachot-Clouard, M., Segebarth, C., Dominey, P., 2006, "When Broca experiences the Janus syndrome: an ER-fMRI study comparing sentence comprehension and cognitive sequence processing", Cortex, 42, pp. 605-23  (Pdf)


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Boulenger, V., Shtyrov, Y., Pulvermüller, F., 2012, "When do you grasp the idea? MEG evidence for instantaneous idiom understanding", NeuroImage, 59:4, pp. 3502-3513  (pdf)


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Ciumas, C., Saignavongs, M., Ilski, F., Herbillon, V., Laurent, A., Lothe, A., Heckermann, R., de Bellescize, J., Panagiotakaki, E., Hannoun, S., Sappey Marinier, D., Montavont, A., Ostrowsky-Coste, K., Bedoin, N., Ryvlin, P., 2014, "White matter development in children with Benign Childhood Epilepsy with Centro-Temporal Spikes", Brain, 137:4, pp. 1095:1106


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Van der Veen, L., 2016, "Wilhelm J. G. Möhlig, Atlas of Kamba Dialects (Kenya Bantu E.55). Phonological and Lexical Comparison. Cologne, Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. 2014. 373 p.", Linguistique et Langues Africaine, 02, pp. 131-134


Her, O.S., Tang, M., Li, B.T., 2019, "Word order of numeral classifiers and numeral bases: Harmonization by multiplication", Language Typology and Universals, 72:3, pp. 421-452 (doi.org/10.1515/stuf-2019-0017)


Boulenger, V., Mechtouff, L., Thobois, S., Broussolle, E., Jeannerod, M., Nazir, T., 2008, "Word processing in Parkinson's disease is impaired for action verbs but not for concrete nouns", Neuropsychologia, 46, pp. 743-756  (pdf)


Gayraud, F., Martinie, B., Bentot, E., Lepillez, A., Tell, L., Cotton, F., Rode, G., 2015, "Written production in a case of locked-in syndrome with bilateral corticopontic degeneration", Neuropsychological Rehabilitation : An International Journal, 25:5, pp. 780-797

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