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Invited conferences in congress

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Pakendorf, B., 2017, "From code-switching to fusion? Trying to reconstruct the copying of verbal paradigms in Lamunkhin Even", proc. of From Language Mixing to Fused Lects, Freiburg, Germany, 26/01/207 (abstract)


Pakendorf, B., 2016, "Contact vs. innovation in dialect diversification: Explaining some features of Lamunkhin Even", proc. of Altaic Languages 2016, Yakutsk, Russia, 27/05/2016 (abstract)


Pakendorf, B., 2016, "Genetic and linguistic perspectives on population prehistory (using Siberia to illustrate)", proc. of Symposium “Frontiers of early human expansion in Asia: linguistic and genetic perspectives on Ainu, Japan and the North Pacific Rim”, Zurich, Switzerland, 13/03/2016 (abstract)


Pakendorf, B., 2015, "Molecular Anthropological Perspectives on the Bantu Expansion", proc. of Genetic History – A Challenge to Historical and Archaeological Studies, Berlin, Germany, 02/10/2015 (abstract)


Pakendorf, B., 2014, "Dialectal variation and population genetics in Siberia", proc. of Methods in Dialectology XV, Groningen, Netherlands, 11-15 August 2014 (abstract)


Pakendorf, B., 2014, "Molecular perspectives on the prehistory of Siberia", proc. of 2014 From Matsu Archipelago to Southeast Coast of Asia: International Symposium on the Studies of Prehistoric Cultural and Physical Remains, Taipei, Taiwan, 27/09/2014 (abstract)


Philippson , G., 2006, "Trois mille ans de contacts linguistiques en Afrique de l'Est", actes de Centre et Périphéries : approches nouvelles des orientalistes, Paris, Collège de France, 01/ 06/ 06


Philippson, G., 2002b, "Onsetless syllables in Kamba and the representation of long vowels", proc. of Bantu phonology and morphology: facts, findings and explanations, Leiden (Pays-Bas), 8 novembre 2002


Philippson, G., 2002a, "La méthode comparative", actes de Colloque sur l'origine de l'homme, du langage et des langues, Tourtour (Var), 6-11 mars 2002

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