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Demolin, D., Traill, A., Sicard, G. & Hombert, J.M., 2016, "Odour Terminology in !Xóõ", in Lone Tree – Scholarship in the Service of the Koon: Essays in Memory of Anthony T Traill , Vossen, R. & Haacke, W. (eds), Rüdiger Köppe Verlag Köln , pp. 107-118


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Gonzales Castaño, G., 2020, "On the existence of egophoricity across clause types in Totoró Namtrik", in Evidentiality, egophoricity and engagement, Bergqvist, H., Kittilä, S. (eds), Berlin, Language Science Press, pp. 165-196


Grinevald, C., Pivot, B., 2013, "On the revitalisation of a 'treasure language': the Rama language project of Nicaragua", in Keeping Languages Alive: Documentation, Pedagogy and Revitalization, Jones, M., Ogilvie, S. (eds), Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, pp. 181-197


Akinci, M.A., Pfaff, C., Dollnick, M., 2010, "Orthographic and morphological aspects of written Turkish in France, Germany and Turkey", in Essays on Turkish Linguistics., Ergenc, I. (eds), Wiesbaden , Otto Harrassowitz Verlag, pp. 363-372.  (pdf)


Bert, M., Pivot, B., 2017, "Orthography Creation for Postvernacular Languages: Case Studies of Rama and Francoprovençal Revitalization", in Creating Orthographies for Endangered Languages, Jones, M., Mooney, D. (eds), Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, pp. 276-290

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