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A paraître 
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A paraître


Demolin, D., Traill, A., Sicard, G. & Hombert, J.M., to appear, "Odor terminology in !Xoo", in Essays in Honor of Anthony Traill, Vössen, R. (ed), Köln, Rudiger Köppe Verlag


Barkat-Defradas, M., Gayraud, F., Köpke, B., Lefèbvre, L., sous presse, "Linguistic regression in bilingual patients with Alzheimer's disease", in The Oxford Handbook of Language Attrition & Schmidt, M., Kôpke, B. (eds), Oxford, Oxford University Press


Imbert, C., soumis, "The Grammaticalization of relator nouns in Turkish. Turkish 'postpositions' revisited", in New Reflections on Grammaticalization 3, Noonan, M. (eds), Typological Studies in Langage, John Benjamins


Bach, X., Kopecka, A., Fagard, B., in prep., "Complex colour denomination in French and Occitan.", in Lexicalization patterns in colour naming: a cross-linguistic perspective, Raffaelli, I., Katunar, D., Kerovec, B. (eds), Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins.


Raffaelli, I., Chromý, J., Kopecka, A., in prep., "Lexicalization patterns in color naming in Croatian, Czech and Polish: from conventionalized to novel expressions.", in Lexicalization patterns in color naming: a cross-linguistic perspective, Raffaelli, I., Katunar, D., Kerovec, B. (eds), Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins.


Grollemund, R., Branford, B., Hombert, J.M., Watters, J., forthcoming, "Towards a new phylogenetic classification of Bantoid languages", in Towards Proto-Niger-Congo: Comparison and Reconstruction, Watters, J. (eds), Language Science Press


Philippson, G., Grollemund, R., forthcoming, "Classifying Bantu Languages", in The Bantu Languages, Second Edition, Van de Velde, M., Bostoen, K. (eds), London-New-York, Routledge Press


Vuillermet, M., Accepted, "A visual stimulus for eliciting associated motion", in Associated Motion, Guillaume, A., Koch, H. (eds), Empirical Approaches to Language Typology, Berlin; Boston, De Gruyter Mouton


Gayraud, F., Martinie, B., à paraître, "Syntactic and cognitive characteristics of the use of relative clauses in native speakers and advanced learners of French", in The end state of language acquisition, Haberzetti, K. (eds), SOLA Series, Gruyter


Grinevald, C., à paraître, "Directionals do it because prepositions don't: path in motion and location in Popti' (Mayan)", in Variation and change in Adpositions of Movement, Cuykens, H., De Mulder, W., Goyens, M., Mortelmans, T. (eds), Benjamins Publishing Cie

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