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Development Neurocognition Disorders

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Team webmaster : Véronique BOULENGER, Florence CHENU

Brain oscillations and speech rhythm: auditory-motor coupling

  Contact person
Veronique BOULENGER , Sophie BOUTON

Scientific framework and objectives

Models of speech perception attribute a key functional role of brain oscillations in speech decoding (Ghitza, 2011 ; Giraud & Poeppel, 2012). By synchronizing to speech rhythm, endogenous brain oscillations in the auditory cortex would parse the continuous acoustic signal into relevant linguistic units.
Our research aims at charactzrizing the dynamics of cortical oscillations, using magnetoencephalography (MEG), during the perception of speech produced at varying syllabic rates. We are particularly interested in the role of (pre)motor regions, uderlying speech production, in this oscillatory machinery. This project is conducted in collaboration with A-S. Hincapié and K. Jerbi (University of Montreal, Canada)
Brain-to-speech coupling will then be examined in a cross-linguistic and developmental perspective to determine whether intrinsic cortical rhythms, in auditory and motor regions, depend on mere biomechanical constraints or on the rhythmic properties of the spoken languages. The influence of exposure to and mastering of the native language will also be taken into account.

  Financial support
  • ANR Programme Jeune Chercheur(se) SHS 2
    ODYSSEE : Oscillatory Dynamics of Speech Sensorimotor Ensembles
    Agence Nationale de la Recherche
  • Bourse de mobilité internationale sortante
    Oscillations cérébrales et perception de la parole: étude en MEG
    Programme ERASMUS Mundus - Student Exchange Network in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Contrat doctoral ASLAN
    Brain oscillatory dynamics during speech perception: Typical and atypical language development
    Labex ASLAN
  • Contrat post-doctoral
    Brain oscillations and speech perception in adults
    Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR JC ODYSSEE)

  • Guiraud, H., Bedoin, N., Krifi-Papoz, S., Herbillon, V., Caillot-Bascoul, A., Gonzalez-Monge, S., Boulenger, V., 2018, "Don't speak too fast! Processing of fast rate speech in children with specific language impairment", PLoS ONE, 13:1
  • Guiraud, H., 2017, "Symphonie des oscillations cérébrales lors de la perception de parole : Études comportementale et en magnétoencéphalographie chez les enfants neurotypiques et dysphasiques.", Thèse, Psychologie, Université de Lyon, Université Lumière Lyon 2
  • Guiraud, H., Hincapié, A.S., Jerbi, K., Boulenger, V., 2018, "Perception de la parole et oscillations cérébrales chez les enfants neurotypiques et dysphasiques ", actes de 32èmes Journées d'Études sur la Parole, Aix en Provence, 4-8 juin, pp. 222-230
  • Hincapié-Casas, A.S., Guiraud, H., Laaksonen, H., Bayle, D., Jerbi, K., Boulenger, V., 2020, "Neural oscillations track natural but not artificial fast speech: Novel insights from speech-brain coupling using MEG", bioRxiv, https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.10.20.344895

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