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Brain oscillations, speech rhythm and auditory-motor coupling

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Scientific framework and objectives

Models of speech perception attribute a key functional role of brain oscillations in speech decoding (Ghitza, 2011 ; Giraud & Poeppel, 2007 ; Poeppel, 2003). By synchronizing to speech rhythm, endogenous brain oscillations would parse the continuous acoustic signal into relevant linguistic units. In particular, neural oscillations in the auditory cortex in the theta frequency band (4-7 Hz) have been shown to align to slow modulations in speech amplitude envelope, which mainly reflect the speaker's syllabic rate (e.g., Ahissar et al., 2001; Gross et al., 2013; Peelle et al., 2013).

Our research (ODYSSEE project) aims at unraveling the dynamics of cortical oscillations, using magnetoencephalography (MEG), during the perception of speech naturally produced at a normal or fast rate. Given that brain (pre)motor regions are known to be involved during challenging listening conditions (e.g., Adank & Devlin, 2010 ; Osnes et al., 2011), we also seek to examine the interactions between oscillatory activity of auditory and motor regions depending on syllabic rate. Brain-to-speech coupling is investigated in adults, typically-developing children and children with Developmental Language Disorder.

  Financial support
  • ANR Programme Jeune Chercheur(se) SHS 2
    ODYSSEE : Oscillatory Dynamics of Speech Sensorimotor Ensembles
    Agence Nationale de la Recherche
  • Bourse de mobilité internationale sortante
    Oscillations cérébrales et perception de la parole: étude en MEG
    Programme ERASMUS Mundus - Student Exchange Network in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Contrat doctoral ASLAN
    Brain oscillatory dynamics during speech perception: Typical and atypical language development
    Labex ASLAN
  • Contrat post-doctoral
    Brain oscillations and speech perception in adults
    Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR JC ODYSSEE)

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