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ven. 23/06/2017 Atelier Morphosyntaxe -- Imperatives & commands
Roberto Zariquiey (PUCP - Collegium de Lyon)
14h00 - 16h00

Directives in Kakataibo and Iskonawa in a Panoan comparative perspective

In this talk, I present a discussion of directives in two Panoan languages which belong to two different subgroups within the family: Kakataibo and Iskonawa. It will be shown that these two languages exhibit radically different grammatical strategies for the encoding of the various types of directive constructions. These include various verbal morphemes/sentence clitics, the use of bare verbal bases and the employment of auxiliaries. Towards the end of the talk, the Iskonawa and Kakataibo data will be looked at from a broader Panoan perspective. It will be proposed that most of the directive constructions found in Kakataibo and Iskonawa are in fact innovative and are the result of various historical developments. Directives, indeed, might be one of the functional domains with more structural diversity among Panoan languages.

lun. 26/06/2017 Event Representations Through Language
ISH, Salle Frossard
Conférence de :
  • Carol Madden-Lombardi (Stem-Cell and Brain Research Institute, INSERM, Lyon)
dans le cadre DENDY

Carol Madden Lombardi's research investigates how we represent described events, with particular focus on the embodied and modality-specific nature of language representations. This research demonstrates how we use cues such as grammar (e.g., verb aspect) to activate appropriate meanings, and how these resulting representations mirror our real perceptual-motor experience. The current talk describes several experiments that demonstrate the dynamic and perceptual/motor nature of representations using simple sentences and pictures. Further investigations show how subtle changes in verb grammar can modulate these representations and regulate the flow of events through time.


mar. 27/06/2017 Séminaire Acquisition Bilingue du Langage - Axe Dendy
ISH - André Frossard

Cathy Cohen Le projet INEXDEB (Input et expérience dans le développement bilingue): résultats préliminaires Agnès Witko Compte-rendu de la conférence International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB11 2017)


mar. 27/06/2017 Atelier R : Modèles mixtes (Groupe 2)
13h45 - 17h
ISH - Salle A. Frossard

ven. 30/06/2017 Atelier Morphosyntaxe -- Imperatives & commands
Esteban Díaz Montenegro on Nasa Yuwe (Páez)
Michael Daniel (National Research University Higher School of Economics & Moscow State University) on Alutor (Chukotkan)
14h00 - 16h00


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